Chapter 59

“Omen omen, please wake up,” Marcus cried out but got no response. The heartbeat from the heart he was holding was also becoming weak. Everything was falling apart in front of their eyes.

“Please elder do something,” Darrell begged him.

The sorcerer knelt down and tried to close the wound but the blood kept coming out. He cast a spell in an effort to find out where the stabbing was coming from but he was blocked by something more powerful.

“Get away from me!” Clarris yelled at the sorcerer. She snapped her fingers in an attempt to teleport back in time to the Naga and stop her but she kept teleporting back in the Tower, in different positions. She was now losing a lot of blood and energy. The Naga made sure to cast a spell that was preventing her from teleporting. She remembered the spell and finally realized what was going on and who was killing her. She couldn't believe that this was how she was going to die. She always imagined an epic battle to the death, she gritted her teeth an
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