Chapter 64

Marcus asked everyone to take their seats, but no one was interested. There were a lot of questions that needed answers. They all wanted to know what Darrell was doing in the castle and why the Naga was alive.

“Mother the curse has been broken and it's all thanks to Darrell,” Marcus informed them.

Lotus got out a knife and poked Nephius

“You idiot!” Nephius cried out but to his surprise, a small puncture on his skin did not close up. He rubbed on it but it released more blood. Seeing this Miguel got a knife and cut himself, “shit that pains,” he yelled out

“Stop cutting yourselves,” Rachel warned them with tears of joy. She couldn't believe that they were free, after centuries they were finally free “How is this possible? How did the curse get broken? This all seems so hard to believe,” she asked. Marcus asked them all to take seats and asked Lotus to explain. Lotus looked at him annoyed, he was also not in the mood to break the Clarris news to them. The room was quiet and Rachel cou
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