Chapter 66

Clarris trekked through Deadman's forest on foot in her wedding dress, the ground was cold but she did not mind. She was aware the night catcher was following her. She had tried warning him a couple of times to go away but he kept following her.

She knew he was there as a scavenger, waiting for her soul. He was so loyal to Omen and wouldn't hurt her but he knew Clarris wanted to die and he did not want to miss the opportunity of having her soul.

She finally arrived at Cleselda's tomb, it looked different and so cold. With her tears she managed to open the cave and got inside. It looked all different. She walked to where the tomb box used to rest and yelled out in frustration, it was gone, there was no sign of it. “Where is Cleselda's tomb? Where is it?; What did you and that useless mother of yours do to it?” she yelled at the Night catcher.

He stared at her and let out a wail, she knew he just called for his mother, it was the same wail he let out when she burnt him at the burning
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