Chapter 67

She kept ordering Omen to take her back but to no avail, he was so adamant about the date and ignored her. They walked through the markets and got a couple of looks from the locals. She could tell that they were in a less civilized land and they were both overdressed.

“Omen stop!” She yelled out and finally, he stopped and faced her. She could also tell he was frustrated.

“Just stop this, you can't force me on a date and where exactly are we?”

“Jespaer, south of Arthora,” Omen replied.


“We start a new life!” Omen replied.

Clarris laughed out and now realized what was going on. It was obvious that Omen clashed with his family but what was frustrating was the fact that he was using her as a getaway. Omen turned and began walking away.

“Hey come back here!” she yelled out. She was so pissed, that she tried teleporting herself back but that ability seemed to have disappeared too. She groaned out in frustration. She needed to go back, she knew Naga was not joking about making her a
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