Chapter 68

Nephius clenched his fist and a bit of frost came out. Miguel gave him a stay calm look.’ They all felt insulted but they needed Omen if they were going to reberate their people from the emperor's rule. Without Omen all were just a couple of brothers with abilities while the emperor had thousands of Dark Nights. The game changed, it was all about the future now and not the past.

“Remember let the Naga deal with Clarris,” Marcus whispered.

“Where would you like to have your Picnic from?” Nephius asked with difficulty, surprising both Omen and Clarris. Even his other brothers were shocked. Among them Nephius was the most Arrogant and putting his pride aside In a short amount of time was surprising.

“In the garden,” Clarris replied knowing very well it was the place where the graves of all the sons she had harvested lay. Even though everything was now burnt down.

The brothers held on to their anger

“But first Omen, you have an apology to make,” Nephius stated to which Clarris laughed an
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