The Conqueror of Darkness

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The Conqueror of Darkness

By: Grateful Hope OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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"This world is unfair, so I want to change it. And in order to do that… I know I have to become the strongest. I want to become the absolute strongest." In the branching world of Discordia, sentient races joined forces to fight unknown enemies from another world. Tenma Kazuki, a young student in the combat school of Agni Veritas Academy, simply wants to live a quiet yet fulfilling life. However, he soon will realize that he will be more involved in this war than he wanted... and he has to be strong enough to weather the approaching storm with his friends...

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Prologue: Sunset Sparring
Discordia.A vast world where many sentient races lived, it consists of nine main areas and countless other uncharted areas. The uncharted areas are typically inhabited by monsters and other beings that doesn't conform to the civilization of the Nine Areas.Power and prestige are the currency of this world. With those two in abundance, one can do almost anything. Justice, rules, and law... with enough power and prestige, one can decide what counts as those abstract concepts. And now...The sound of metal clashing resounded loudly on the shore.Once. Twice. Thrice. And keep on repeating. The clash of the two metals raised sparks that lit up the shore. Those clashes were so fast, it was impossible for an ordinary human eye to follow the movements of the two sharp metals that were continuously clashing fiercely.There was no other sound on the shore, not even the sound of the waves crashing at all, because part of the beach had been frozen. The large part of the seawater on the shore ha
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Welcome to Agni Veritas Academy
He opened his eyes and saw a familiar ceiling. He turned his head to the side. A lot of beds with white sheets and pillows. Light blue curtains. Scent of medicine in the air. Yup, this is unmistakably the Infirmary of his combat school. He had made frequent visits here before, and apparently today was also one of them. He stretched his body carefully, feeling that there was nothing wrong with his limbs. Looks like someone has healed his wounds and also cared enough to put at least his jacket and pants back to cover his body. However, his shirt was gone, probably too dirty and bloody to put back on. And his head, which was wrapped in rather thick bandages, feels rather heavy and dizzy. What did happen before, he could hardly remember. What was clear to him, is that he had stay the night in the infirmary because something happened the other day. Hmm, wait… a fight. Yes, a fight. He remembers that he fought Iceheart in a duel and it kinda went south quickly… The memories start com
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Soul Force
-Later, that night-In the vast lands of Discordia…Aetzer was a great city and kingdom. The houses were made of fortified and magically enhanced bricks, they have steep and gabled roofs with round angle. Most, if not all of them, have small towers with clear-glass dormers on it. Those who are more security and warfare-oriented chose to place turrets on top of those towers.Some who are more inclined in artistic sense have their houses decorated with statues and detailed woodworks. Or simply painted their houses with bright colors. In short, it could be said that the designs are layered, cluttered, ornate, and eccentric. But that's not all.There were factories on the corners of the city. Iron machinery with rotating gears working on whatever their purpose, like providing power for the city and producing food. The clockwork-based constructs run delicately in the background.It was always a busy place to live in. People from many races trying to live their life, making the best of thei
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Nestled Together
Tenma snapped his eyes open. He blinked few more times and remembered he was home. He had no nightmare last night. And all is well. The sun has risen, and its warm light has shone through his balcony. Despite that, he felt a slight chill. He realized it's because he isn't wearing any clothes, the lower part of his body covered by only a blanket. He also noticed something else lying on the bed with him. Noa was sleeping beside him, her body covered by the same blanket that concealed his. Her bare chest was concealed by her long crimson hair, now untied. There was something serene and calming in her contented expression. Something that also brings a smile to his face. He took his time looking at her sleeping face. She was smiling about something even in her sleep, he doesn't know what, but it must be good to warrant such an expression. Not wanting to disturb whatever good dream she's having, he slowly and carefully try to get off the bed. As Ten
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He smiled as he remembered everything that happened last night. And everything that happened last night were like blurred memories. He could remember some notable details, like him flipping her over so he can be on top and---nope, nevermind that. The memories start coming back faster than he thought, and he'd already reminisced too much this morning. He would rather stop lollygagging and start being productive now. He begins to collect Noa's clothes from all over the room. As Tenma gathered her clothes, he couldn't help but feel a sense of contentment and happiness wash over him. It has been a long time since they were together, and he was very grateful to have Noa in his life. Once he had collected all of her clothes, he folded them neatly and placed them on the chair near the bed, so Noa can see it when she wakes up. Then he cleaned up the room for a bit. It simply won't do to have it all messy from their activities last night. Reina will have a fit if she
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Before the Departure
They decided to jog around as they raced their way to the school. Not that they were late, but simply as a form of warming up for today's activities. It's also fun to compete in something trivial like this sometimes.Reina leads in the front, awfully chipper and energetic, while Sabrina puts up a measured pace in the middle, occassionally eyeing Tenma and Noa who were in the rear.Tenma was purposefully slowing down because Noa suddenly had a limp. He knew why she had that, and felt rather guilty. Must be because what they did last night. He quietly decided to make it up by his actions."Are you okay?" He asked."It's okay, don't worry about me." She assured."No can't do." Tenma shook his head. "I'll carry you."He casually and gently lifted her off her feet, putting her in his arms. One arm under her legs and the other supporting her back. Noa yelped in surprise, but she had no time for further react since Tenma started to run faster than
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Field Exam
Shortly after...They made their way to the second floor too, although they weren't trying to hurry at all. They entered the Elevator in a pleasant silence, just the two of them. As they arrived at the second floor, they can see the other students wandering and passing by each other. Some are fussing over something that they didn't bother listening to, but they can take a good guess.Of course, the Field Exam. The third and second years will have to undergo a mission decided by the school staff outside the school itself, with the supervision of teachers or graduates. The first years will have it a bit easier, their exam will be held inside the school environment.On the way to their own class, they passed over a set of statues made of emerald. They are life-sized, so they can almost be mistaken as actual people sometimes. Those statues are displayed on a circular room that serves as a hub that connects to all the pathway to the classes.Three statues. One
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Silver Gauntlet, Crimson Blade
-Back at Aetzer-A tall woman with long blonde hair styled entirely in large drills walked out of the Elevator and into a room. Her blue eyes, as blue as her formal uniform, swept around the room briefly. It doesn't look luxurious at all, with only exception of the silver wares and beautifully framed pictures on the tables, pictures of students long since graduated.And sitting behind a desk was the Headmaster of Agni Veritas Academy, Cort Van Hellsing.He is tall and has shoulder-length ashen black hair, with bright amber eyes and a cheerful smile. He has a light complexion and sharp facial features. He is dressed in formal attire of a headmaster, all black except the white shirt beneath his suit. He wears a circular glasses."Good afternoon, Angelica." He addressed the woman. "I take it you're here to report?"The office of Headmaster was situated at the highest floor of Agni Veritas, also known as Firewatch Tower. As the highest point at Agni Veritas Academy as well as in Aetzer, a
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Coordinated Effort
Meanwhile...A silver sword whistles as it cuts through the air and the knife-like head of a monstrous lizard, killing it instantly. Another one of its kin roared and pounced towards the wielder of the sword, but then its voice was abruptly cut off as it found the sword going through its throat. Its body tensed for a second before going completely limp."Small fry…" Iceheart said as he pulled the sword out. "This barely even counts as warm up."He turned around swiftly as more of the red drakes emerged from the shadows of the forest. Iceheart faced the incoming swarm of red drakes with a dark glint in his eyes. This is his duty and he will see to it that it will be done perfectly, even if he has to do it alone. He opts to meet the enemies head-on with sword in hand.The drakes came at him from all sides, their razor-sharp teeth and claws glinting in the sunlight. But Iceheart moved with an unnatural grace and speed, weaving in and out of t
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Interlude: Another Field Exam
Meanwhile, on the other side of Discordia, on the land of Naifel…A five-man band walking on the cold tundra where as far as they can see, almost everything is covered by snow. There are some mosses, sedges, and lichens, along with the rare few trees in between. It was a dark and cold place that anyone with common sense would try to avoid.Alas, those people came here not because they want to, but because it was their duty. Those five are the team dispatched from Agni Veritas to accomplish a mission in this region as their Field Exam. And they went into the cold lands with only some extra on their black uniforms.They walk together in a straight line, making a simple formation. It just so happens that they knew each other for quite a long time, so there's no awkwardness between them.One leading in the front is the leader of the team, a chestnut-brown haired young man with gold trimmed green mantle. Following him, a young woman with blue waist-long hair that is partially tied into a l
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