Chapter 73

Nixie Omen left the room and joined the night catcher. Their mother appeared with a smile on her face.

“Someone looks happy,” Nixie Omen teased.

Immediately she heard modern English and her smile was wiped out. She asked where the Naga Omen was and before Nixie Omen could finish explaining everything.

She yelled in frustration forcing both the night catcher and Nixie Omen to cover their ears. She spent the whole day making Clarris's tomb but finding out that Omen separated his entity only met one thing. She tried teleporting but she was blocked and pushed back.

After failing to penetrate the spell she ordered Nixie Omen, but he disappeared and did not want to be involved in the family drama. The Naga yelled and went banging on the door. “Clarris I have made you your tomb,” she kept yelling but she got no response.

Inside the room, Clarris could hear the Naga screaming but she ignored her. “Maybe back then if I had seen who your father was the curse could not have happened,” she joked
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