Chapter 74

“What's going on?” Nephius asked.

“We came for thy crowning,'' Pixiu replied, sending the crowd into murmuring. They could not believe that it could talk.

“Do not tell me that we were not invited?” the Nixie spat out.

“You are invited of course, but can you all please shapeshift into human form. You are scaring the people,” Nephius pleaded while looking at the Naga Omen.

“Come make us,” it replied

Out of nowhere, a small boy ran towards the Pixiu and asked for a ride. His terrified mother came running and t1ried to lift him but the Pixiu moved forward and placed its feather on the ground for the boy to climb up. The boy was so excited and climbed up. More children came forward and he was able to put a lot of them on his back and flew off exciting the children.

“Do not even think about that with me! The Naga Omen stated.

“No one would want to climb on a snake, '' the Nixie teased, sending everyone into laughter.

“I want to swim with you,” one of the women asked the Nixie.

The Nixie eye
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