"I love you." Aaron said again desperately seeing the way Diamant was doubting herself. He took a step closer to her and DL instinctively pulled Diamant more to his back.

"It is pathetic for you to claim that you love her." DL said dangerously low to him.

"And it is pathetic for you to keep her behind your back without a reason. What? You think she will pick you? You are the reason her life is in a mess!" Aaron scoff in annoyance.

Diamant sucked in a breath at that, it reminded her why she was in this situation in the first a place.

"I will not allow myself to fall at the feet of any distraction." She remembered what she had said and her mind was made up.

"You are already nothing. Why would she pick the side of the one that destroyed her life?!" Aaron concluded spitefully.

DL looked away, embarrassed and angry. He had nothing to defend himself.

Aaron smiled in his head with satisfaction. He looked at Diamant and stretched his hand to her, urging her to take it.

"Come on, I am waiting.
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