Week Hurdles

A bang to the bars and Kara jumped immediately out of fright, the chains catching her mid-air and slamming her right back to the ground.

"You better have a reason for doing what you did!" The cold voice forced her to look at the direction it was coming from and she recoiled into herself upon seeing Lewis's deadly glare.

"You won't get anything from me." She hissed.

The dungeon was at it used to be. Dark, filled with stench and the maddening aura of death and despair.

"Do not force me to torture you. It isn't like you don't deserve it." Lewis said lowly to her as he paced slowly in front of the bars.

"Even if you do so, I will still say the same thing!"

He rushed to the bars in full rage and slammed his fists against it again. This time she was ready, she didn't jump out of fear but stared coldly at him.

"The intent of poisoning is to kill, the reason and the action is together. How can you not see that, My Lord?"

"You wanted to kill Clara? How could you?! The Princess has been nothing
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