Real Side?

"Dear Princess,

Living a life of servitude isn't what anyone would gladly pick but shall I fight destiny chosen by birth? Maybe I have told you that serving you was my dream, those were lies I wished I could believe. It gets tougher to serve when one desires another, even worse when this another is so close yet so far. Imagine not being able to speak out or stay with the one you dream of merely because of who you are, what is expected of you. I know you fully understand what that is like.

Yes, I dreamt that one day I would be free and have my own family. What you don't know is that the one I desire is the one your heart chooses and as much as I helped you to accomplish your heart's wants my own heart broke. I thought helping you and repeating my purpose would stop my want. Still my love grows so much that I fear it will never die as I have presumed.

My Princess, I am in love with your Lord. Your Lord Lewis, the very one you love with your whole heart, I love too!..."

Lewis eyes widen
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