He blenched loudly and Lewis looked away irritated. It took everything in him to stay patient for the prisoner to hungrily gobble his food till the plate was clean.

"What did you see?" He asked impatiently as Sanji took a large gulp from the leaking cup.

"Once the sweet lady was gone they just forgot me." Sanji said absentmindedly.

That was true, it looked like whosever was supposed to be here forgot to do his/her job, still that wasn't why he was there. If Sanji had been here the whole time then he could be able to tell him somethings.

"What did you see?" He asked stressing each word this time.

"Will you guarantee my safety if they come for me? It is only a matter of time, they will know." He sounded terrified.


"Yes, the twins!" The light in the dungeon wasn't much, still Lewis could see Sanji's eyes widened in maddening fear.

"What twins...?"

Sanji gave a shaky breath and tried to run his hands through his hair but it felt so heavy with the chains weighing them down.

"I h
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