Duck For The Shooting Mess

Nana's heartbeat spiked immediately when she saw Aaron's squinted eyes. She gasped in shock, "You must believe me, I am your grandmother!"

His look towards her didn't change, sadness flashed in her eyes, "I will never do such to you, Aaron." She whispered to him, her voice begging him to believe her.

"DL was your garndson too, Nana. You had fooled us, gathered us as you did months ago. Our motive was for Alusa's greatness but yours was the throne!" Li stepped forward. He was lean and weak, the chains on his hands clung together and Mei Ling held him tightly. She looked small compared to him. Her once long shinny black hair was now tangled with dirt.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" Her voice thundered before she sprung her head in Aaron's direction.

"Your Majesty, can't you see that this is all Lewis's plan against me? Why do I deserve this?" Her eyes pleaded, her eyes looked distraught.

"Stop accusing my mother, you criminals!" Neil stood up, his stomach tumbling along with
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