All Shades Of Sketchy

"No, what is your name?" Diamant smiled.

"Klaus, my Lady." The first guard said.

"And you?"

"Ranto," he said quickly under his breath.

"Thank you, Klaus and Ranto. You may go back to your business now." Diamant looked away from them and back to the muddy prints on the floor.

Before she was confused, now she was very confused!

She waited to feel their departing presence but it never came. She looked up with a slight glare.

"Why are you still waiting here?"

"Our job is to keep you safe, My Lady," Klaus replied.

"So the palace isn't safe?"

"Nowhere is safe these days," Ranto muttered to himself.

Diamant heard that even though it didn't seem like it was meant for her ears. She tightened her grip against her gown and smiled at them broadly.

"Alright then, excort me to my room, if you may."

"Gladly," Klaus replied, his voice still stoic.

When they turned around and headed for her room, Diamant could see guards scattered around, some stood rooted to a spot while others paraded the ground.

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