New Shade, Old Shade.

"I hate seeing you like this, I really hate seeing you hurting." He said with concern and a flash of anger in his voice, then he rested on one of the pillars around the bed, his eyes still on her.

"What is so wrong in you loving me? I really don't ask for much, you know? Just stop running away from me and accept your place by my side." His left hand shook slightly and he quickly grabbed it in the other, blinking furiously before his face went back to its relaxed state again.

She tried to say something again and his attention was fully back on her. His eyes lit in excitement and he stepped forward taking off the gag from her mouth. She sighed in relief once the cloth was off her mouth.

He stood there, his face set inches away from hers, waiting for what she had to say. Then suddenly, She spat in his face, conveying all she thought of him in that one act.

He straightened himself up slowly, reached for an handkerchief and wiped his face clean with it. Surprisingly, he didn't take any of
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