The Good Old Way?

The meeting didn't go well, not one bit. Some tribe leaders had taken it upon themselves to be absent, in a way to show their displeasure of how he was ruling.

Or maybe it was about the rumour...the one he had killed a long time ago. Was it suddenly gaining strength again?

No! Absolutely not! He had put an end to it. It can't be the rumour.

This was supposed to be their first meeting, one that should have been held a long time ago.

Only the leader of the fire tribe and his wife had been present, even Skull Dwelling hadn't sent a representative.

Those gang of crimimals!

Although he had expected that would happen, the people from Skull Dwelling were rugged and highly daring. They were doing all their appointed duties just fine, one can't get a lot of taxes from places like that but it was a great source of labour. They weren't ones for a talk around a table and they made that clear.

He ended the meeting, furious. How bad could the morning get?!

Too much things were happening. He was
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