A Different Shade Of Him

He whispered something to a guard next to him, his eyes still fixed on Diamant while he spoke. The guard soon left in a hurry. Aaron walked down the short stairs slowly not taking his eyes off her for a moment. The wind blew softly and he shuddered lightly from cold, drawing his robe closer to him.

She pushed her captive away from her grip roughly. He fell to the floor, stood up immediately and scurried away from her with his sword and armour clanking loudly.

She felt wild and furious. She took quick angry strides to Aaron who was now down the stairs and watching her with a silent smile just like a predator waiting patiently for his prey that was walking foolishly walking into his trap.

"How long?!" She was breathing heavily from anger, her lips trembling slightly in rage.

He looked around to see how much attention they now had. His face was blank and his eyes looked confused, feigning ignorance.

"How long what?"

"Don't you dare lie to me, your Majesty!" She snapped at him and a slow
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