Too Many Quick Flashes

Like a beating heart ripped away from its duty, snapped suddenly during its pumping yet pumping still, his heart feel heavy and filled with pain. Pain that he couldn't describe. He felt lost, miserable and without a sense of direction.

Nein's heart felt totally hallow...void. The woman he had trusted all his life, loved and respected had turned against him and wanted to seize the life of the one he had brought to the world, one that he loved even though he knew he would never get loved in return.

Maybe he deserved it, like his mother said.


He chuckled weakly then he coughed, dry long coughs that erupted through his chest each time, threatening to tear him apart.

Could he call her that? A mother? He could still see her burning on the cross in his mind and everytime he remembered, grieve seized him. As much as he hated what he discovered, he couldn't help but remember how she had protected him with her life at all cost, how she had risked her life all the time to come and se
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