Sneaky Old Ways

He spoke against her neck while he pushed her legs apart with his own, his hand slowly went beneath her back, crashing her to him.

She moaned a little at the sudden movement, reaching her hands up his neck.

He knew it all, where to touch that would get the best reaction. Old ways were sneaky, they always found a way to creep back into a person's very being.

Old ways were dangerous.

Her legs hurt, she wanted so badly to take off her heels but even now in the midst of her crazy emotion, she knew the basis rule and followed it as always.

Beauty was pain, and she was beautiful.

"And it isn't for you either. What kind of mess have you found your self, Naturella?"

She moved up for him to kiss her. There was so much urgency for her to feel wanted, needed... loved.

"You talk too much, Hector."

She felt his firm hands pulled up her gown by the slits, a cold breeze blew her legs letting her know how exposed she was and she felt the roughness of his trousers against her bare thighs.

"It was st
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