[Debuff magic]. This was the specialty of the Soul Za family next to illusion magic, the marquis specifically mastered the [Drowsiness] type spell.

There were a few conditions for this debuff, which caused extreme drowsiness, to work.

First: the target had to be somewhat or completely tired.

Second: the target had to be in close proximity to the user.

The spell could also be imbued on objects or food - such as the bed in Kurone and Rory's room and the tea that the young man had drunk.

This was the explanation Edward gave to the chained prisoner.

- Now that I have provided you with the relevant information, it is your turn... Tell me, Mr. Nakano, it was the Marquise Sophiette who sent you to invade my lands, wasn't it?

The nobleman was questioning himself in the room illuminated by the flames of the torches. Kurone, in turn, looked confused at the marquis' incomprehensible question.

"Sophiette." It was the first time he had heard that name, but Edward was sure that he had be
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