Loli Ex Machina


The sickening sound resounded as the tip of the sword pierced the hard flesh. The daggers held went to the ground, next to his fat, greenish body.

The guard leaned on his long sword, using it as an aid to stand, but there was no respite. Even after defeating ten of those monsters, another orc, this time with a club, attacked him from behind.


The club wielded by the orc flew through the air along with his muscular arm. Blood splattered on the guard's face. He was saved by one of the adventurers - a young blond-haired swordsman.

- T-Thank you!

Without time to respond, the swordsman jumped toward two other orcs, approaching from the left. With each wave, it seemed that the monsters became bigger and stronger.

The young man broke the green monster's skull with the hilt of his short sword - producing a "Crash!".

Propelling himself into the air, he used the belly of the orc that broke the skull as a springboard and jumped towards the second monster, tearing its belly apa
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