The Betrayal Part 1

Winter land, Estofidel**

"This is the exact reason why coming over here without a map and a plan is dangerous, Faramir!" Kayse, his fellow researcher angrily shouted at him while they both walk into knee-high snow and lost somewhere in the Winter land.

"We might have been circling for several hours on the same spot!" Kayse frustratedly added.

"Come on, Kayse! No need to be so pessimistic. We will find the white rabbit we are searching for, just look around" calmly he tried to convince his friend. Though it is not effective as he heard him give an irritated moan.

Faramir and Kayse are young researchers. They learned that a white rabbit that can only be found in the Winter land has the ability to produce cooling air. The Summer land wherein the Elves like them reside has been suffering from terrible drought and many of their people die from heatstroke. If they can examine a white rabbit and prove that it can lower the temperature of a certain closed area, they can cool their homes despite the heat of the sun outside. This will also benefit the elven community as not only it will represent a cooler but they also plan to cultivate the white rabbits by using the effect of freezing and then heating to solve the crisis in water. A single white rabbit, just to confirm that it exists in the Winter land is sufficient to start their plans despite having the elders prohibit them from going to the Winter lands in fear of being captured, bewitched, or worst killed as trespassers. Still, Faramir decided to continue and influence his fellow researcher.

"One of these white rabbits is enough and we will go home right away, Kayse!" he said trying to convince his companion again.

"We will go home regardless if we haven't seen or captured one before it gets dark, did I make myself clear, Faramir?" Kayse is a person who always sticks to the rules if haven't been influenced by him. Faramir then laughed victoriously, making his friend stay for more hours is also a win for him.

"You really are my friend!" he said to him with a smile as bright as he can make it. The man smiled at him as he saw his face.

They continue looking for the mythical creature for several hours.


2 hours later*


"There!" Kayse shouted as he points to a small white fur ball camouflaged on the snow under a mysterious tree.

"Hey stop shouting! He might get scared and hop on the ground" he advised him almost whispering.

"Ok. Ok. What shall we do?" Kayse asked him.

The rabbit gazed up and saw them.

It was not a common rabbit. It has red eyes and a small horn at the center of its forehead. Its fur is silver white and as he can see, the mysterious creature really produces a chilling effect around it as he can see sparkling dust coming out of its fur.

"We need to capture it alive"

They, as silent and as careful as they can not to scare the animal, prepared their nets to capture the mythical being. When all is set, Faramir and Kayse signal each other that they are both ready. The plan is that Kayse will throw the net and Faramir will jump on it to secure the animal.

"Ok, here we go" as they counted one to three. Both men executed the plan as swiftly as possible.

When the net landed and covered the rabbit, Faramir jumped on it and made sure that the rabbit will stay captured by the net.

"We captured it!" he confirmed to Kayse.

The rabbit struggled for its life and out of their expectation, it cried to call its friends! The cry was on a high note that almost make his ears bleed. They both looked around them and one by one the same rabbits showed up from the woods. They're grinning their teeth as they all look at them and making a creepy sound.

"Foolish outsiders!"

They heard a woman's voice in a direction they can't pinpoint.

"The nerve on stepping into our lands and try to hurt our friends" based on the tone of the woman's voice, she is angry.

They both felt fear. He saw Kayse sweat even though the temperature is too cold.

"W-we just want one rabbit to take home. W-we are not here to cause any more damage!" he said trying to convince the mysterious woman that they did not come to hurt anyone further.

"Y-yes! We just need a white rabbit that will help us survive in a drought! We won't hurt him there!" Kayse added.

"We are planning to domesticate and breed them. We won't harm them, we promise"

A silence for seconds then the mysterious tree glowed beside him and a woman came outside of its trunk.

It's a fairy!

"And who do you think gave you permission to do that?" she asked not giving any hint of wanting of giving the white rabbit to them.

That woman is at her 5'2 height, slender body with a bluish-white dress which completely down to her feet, a white silky hair, bluish-cold eyes, and a pair of like dragonfly wings at her back is looking into his eyes. He stepped backward. Her aura is scary enough to get close to her, and he can't handle it. The woman moves towards him and examines his every angle by staring at him.

"Did the Elven elders advise you that before you take anything or anyone from here, you must pay a price?" the mysterious fairy smile as if she has control of the situation.

"W-what price?" he tried to talk courageously but his voice cracked.

"Release the rabbit, Faramir! Let us go home!" Kayse shouts at the back. Scared.

"Faramir. That is your name" said the woman.

She then looked at Kayse.

"You can have the rabbit but one of you will stay here"

Both men fearfully and shockingly looked at each other.

"T-that is ridiculous! W-we will return this rabbit and we will just go home" Kayse said trying to sound normal.

The woman smiled almost laughing as she heard Kayse.

"That won't work out Elven man. Since I now got interested in both of you, you can't leave this place without satisfying me. Choose who will remain here" the woman cast a blizzard as her eyes glow in aquamarine color. Faramir looked Kayse in the eyes. He knew just by looking how terrified his friend was.

"I'll stay. Let Kayse go"

The blizzard stopped and the woman amusingly look at him like she won.

"Then that is the deal"

The rabbit in his arms jumped then hop on towards Kayse.

"Faramir no!--"

"You may leave now with the bunny, Kayse!" The woman said to him, with just a compass of her hand his friend suddenly disappeared.

"W-what did you do?"

"I teleported him to the borders. He'll be safe and will get home fast" the fairy looked him in the eyes. Amused and currently enjoying these things.

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