Father's return

Within the next few months, Rodney worked closely with Gregory to ensure that he got back on his feet. There were a lot of things that needed to be worked on. Rodney actually learnt more from Gregory than he had in all the courses, trainings and seminars he had undertaken. The man was full of knowledge. Rodney regretted thinking he could do it better on his own without the required knowledge and skills. While it was true that he could do it if he put in enough time, he could do so much better with the mentorship of an expert.

During the second semester of school, Rodney got less busy and therefore put more focus on his entrepreneurial dreams. When he was sure he was ready, Rodney started a business. Over the past year, he had started to love finance so he started a business and a consulting company in that field.

The company grew slowly, as Gregory had predicted. It was an upwards slope, not a downwards slope that had befallen his first business. That one had grown fast, and fallen fa
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