Victim or villain

“I’m not surprised,” Rodney said as he pulled away. “Of course, you would think of something like that.”

“I’m right, aren’t I? I always wondered how you managed to stay thick as thieves even when going through a lot. “You kiss and make up.”

Harvey rolled his eyes. “Do you feel jealous because no one actually loves you for who you are? I doubt you have any real friends. All those minions that hang around you run as soon as times get tough, don’t they?”

“You’re a pair of silly emotionally freaks,” Rodrigo said as he opened a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of brandy. “Anyway, next time get a private room for your business. Don’t contaminate the kitchen.”

“We’re just friends, you idiot.” Rodney said. “But we want to know something. Who killed Lilliana?”

Rodrigo poured the brandy into a glass and took a sip. “I have no idea. Why don’t you pop by the police station and find out who did it?”

“Because we will not find answers,” Harvey chipped in. “the answers are in this house.”

“Could it ha
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