Chapter 15 New Weapons
“Scarlet Mist?” asked Tolly in surprise.

“Scarlet Mist is a forbidden place that has not been officially licensed. Smugglers will hunt there in secret and sell their prey on the market in exchange for some extra money. If you are not afraid of getting killed and want to take a chance, go to the Scarlet Mist and try your luck there. Of course, if you die there, don’t become a zombie to haunt me whatsoever!”

Geroge shot him a big grin.

“Don’t worry! Please tell me where it is!” Tolly asked.

It was a matter of life and death. If he couldn’t find the two herbs, he would have to die a grisly death when the time came. He would be killed by the poison in his body. He might die in Scarlet Mist, too, but anyway it would offer him a little chance of survival.

Hence, he was determined to go to the Scarlet Mist, no matter how dangerous it might be.

“Hey, Tolly, my little friend. You are young. It’s better not to take such a risk because you’ll probably die in the Scarlet Mist, you know. If I
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