Chapter 21 A New Breakthrough

About five or six minutes later, the noises coming from the carpet finally faded away. It seemed that the animals on the carpet had already jumped back onto the ground.

Tolly asked his shield to have an eyehole in each of the four directions so that he could have a thorough view of the carpet.

After confirming there were no dangerous creatures on the carpet, only then did Tolly dare to sneak out of the box to the carpet.

“I want to get out!” He said to his shield.

“All right, my master, I’ll get a door in the box for you.”

The same AI voice rang out. Suddenly, a door appeared in front of Tolly. Tolly pushed it gently and walked out of the box.

When on the carpet, he found it was a big mess. Several brown squirrels and grey hares had been sliced off into small pieces, their flesh going almost everywhere. And there was even a Sword Swan that had been cut in halves.

On top of that, the carpet was also covered with a lot of brownish-red rocks, all thrown by Needle Scorpions obviously, bec
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