Chapter 22 Nine Voice Sect

Tolly removed the lid from the wok gradually.

He then visualized the picture of an embroidery needle in his mind again, which soon made his lid-like Stone Turtle Shield turn into a tiny needle. Once again, Tolly put it in his ear.

After that, his eyes fell on the nine shiny golden pellets swirling around in the wok. Needless to say, they were the Golden Throat Pills that he had just made to counteract the poison of the Rotten Throat Wind.

‘Well, finally!” Tolly exclaimed, very excited.

Without any further delay, Tolly immediately picked up three of the pills and threw them into his mouth. He had no idea whether three pills were enough or not to detoxify the poison in his body. It was just that he had always been fond of the number three.

Back on Earth, he had used to read a book called ‘All About Taoism”, which had been written by a famous oriental philosopher named Lao Tzu. In the book, it said:

Tao gave birth to the One; the One gave birth successively to Two things, three things, u
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