Chapter 26 Assassination Failed

Before anyone else could react, the kite rider launched a large fireball at Fanta Lord.

Fortunately, the iron wall that had been transformed from Tolly’s Stone Turtle Shield blocked that attack once again. The fireball went straight at the wall and made an explosion. However, it hurt no one.

‘Hew…” Tolly heaved a relieving sigh and thought, “It’s not my business. I should not have got myself involved. It’s too dangerous. But it also shows that I’ve got the potential to be a hero.”

“Holy shit!! Who’s courting death? I want to tear you apart, bastard!! How dare you ruin my plan??” the kite rider roared on his bird-like kite.

“The bastard is cursing who??!” Tolly spat back with a sneer on his face.

He hid behind the iron wall so that the kite rider could not even see his face, much less his sneer.

“The bastard is cursing you!!” the kite rider replied subconsciously.

“Ha-ha… you’re right. You are the bastard that is cursing me!!” Tolly said in amusement. His lips curved into a mocking smi
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