Chapter 30 Verbal Battle
“Okay. As for the second option, you crawl!” the scar-faced man said while spreading his feet as wide as his shoulders.

“Crawl?” Tolly said ironically, laughing, “Surely as a dog, you’re crawling all the time.”

“Crawl through under my crotch.” The scar-faced man said, trying to insult Tolly in such a way.

“Are you deaf or something? Read my lips!” Tolly sneered, pointing to his own mouth and not listening to him, “I’ve said you are crawling like a dirty dog all the time. Do you hear me?”

Tolly suddenly felt like he had become more eloquent than before. Was it the benefit from the Golden Throat Pills he had taken? It was unbelievable.

“You…go to hell, you little punk!”

The scar-faced man prepared to lunge at Tolly—the short, thin but handsome boy before him. Tolly instinctively took a few steps backward. At the same time, he put out his hand to signal him to stop again.

However, the scar-faced didn’t stop. Instead, he pressed his hands together and a ball of white light was gathe
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