Chapter 37 A Few Slaps

Before Tolly could take a few more steps, he found that Kevin plunged at him and tried to grab him by his collar. Kevin was fast, but Tolly was faster. He quickly stepped aside and Kevin grabbed nothing in his hand. Kevin was astonished by his agility.

“What the heck! How can you be so fast now?” He asked, puzzled.

But he quickly ignored it, for his curiosity gave way to his fury.

“You pathetic punk! Let’s make it clear this time, who’s the wimpy boy?”

It seemed that Kevin’s eyes would pop out in a flash. He thought even if he could not beat him black and blue, he could at least give this little bastard a few slaps.


In a heartbeat, a loud slap was heard. Nevertheless, it was Kevin’s face that was burning hot.

Thunderstruck, Kevin had had no idea that Tolly, as a level-one ordinary alchemist, dared to hit him in the face. By any account, he was the one who had a higher level of cultivation and was much more powerful.

How dare he? Apparently, the little bastard was courting his
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