Chapter 40 Savior Arrived

Just then, the veiled woman pulled some small pink stones out of her own pocket and then placed them on one of the petals of her flower-like boat. It was at that moment that Tolly noticed there was a small hole on the petal which served as an energy tank.

It dawned on him that the pink stones were like gasoline to cars and would help boost the speed of her special vehicle—the flower-like boat.

Sure enough, the boat immediately turned into an over-powered machine that could help it win minute victories over drag, weight, and the laws of physics.

It was getting increasingly faster so that it caught up with the Sound Sword instantly. If there was a competition between them, be it ever so fast, Tolly’s Sound Sword could not be the winner of the race.

Tolly tried to make sharp turns like before, however, there was no way for him to get rid of the veiled woman on her flower-like boat. It looked like escaping from her was an impossible task.

‘Before cornered to death, why not take the initia
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