Chapter 45 Another Conflict

“Why are you so violent? Are you a King Kong Barbie? Don’t you know how to be nice and gentle?” Tolly complained.

“To practice battle techniques, you have to learn how to take beatings first. I only employed thirty percent of my full strength when punching. If I had slashed you with my sword, I’m sure you would have been a dead body!” Luna said, with the corners of her mouth curving up a little bit.

“Thirty percent?” Tolly gasped in disbelief.

“Yeah, but look at you, Tolly! it’s not that hurt actually, but you’ve groaned like a woman in labor! I think you need more beatings!”

With that, she began to wave her sword up and down and Tolly had to do his best to dodge her attack. Suddenly, Luna shouted,

“Ten Shadow Slash!”

Just then, it seemed to Tolly that there were ten swords coming to slash him simultaneously. it was nearly impossible for him to dodge the new attack. Tolly had to visualize the picture of a tall iron wall again. Quickly, his Golden Universe Defender appeared in his han
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