Chapter 47 Ready to Fight With Kevin
“Ouch… my arm hurts! It must be broken!” the tall, muscular boy cried painfully, his tears pricking his eyes.

Tolly won the fight again and all the other students were stunned.

“How could it be possible? How could he a level-four alchemist be able to defeat James a level-five?” someone said in surprise.

“What’s the move that you have just used?” the tall boy asked while wincing as a sharp pain shot through his arm.

“Snowflake Flying Flash! I’ve learned it from my beautiful lady Luna!” Tolly grinned while casting a look at Luna, who also looked at him.

When their eyes met, both of them smiled. At the moment, with his Golden Staff in his hand, Tolly was somewhat like a die-hard soldier. In Luna’s eyes, it seemed that no one would be his match.

However, actually, Tolly was also hurt in the fight. Only when he saw the boy wailing on the ground did he feel the sharp pain in his back. He squatted on the ground and shouted at Kevin,

“You’re a coward. Come out now and give me what you’
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