Chapter 56 A Dream Came True

“What do you want from me?” Tolly sat frozen with fear on his bed in his dream.

“I’ll know soon.” said the old man with a creepy smile.

The old man’s face was partly hidden by his longish, wild, tangled beard. He quickly sat behind Tolly and placed his withered hands full of thick hard callous on the back of Tolly.

“Stop! Don’t touch me!” Tolly yelled.

“Shut up if you don’t want to be caught by Ki deviation and succumb to your own Internal Demons.”

Tolly didn’t dare to yell again and kept silent. The silence reigned between them for about twenty or thirty minutes.

Tolly felt nothing but a stream of warm vital energy coming straight into his own body from the old man’s hands. The stream of vital energy wound its way to every corner of his body. Soon, Tolly felt refreshed and revigorated.

However, great beads of perspiration stood out on the forehead of the old man. He was concentrating on transmitting his own vital energy into Tolly’s body.

Tolly wondered why the Yellow-headed Master w
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