Chapter 61 For a New Formation

‘Well, it seems my holiday is over. I need to go back to my school now and get everything ready!’ Tolly whispered to himself.

He went to the table on which the pouch packed with feather coins was standing.

“Dear Infinite Space Pack, I love you. Please collect what I want to collect in my mind, Abracadabra!” he mumbled.

Instantly, the pouch full of a thousand feather coins flashed into his Infinite Space Pack.

‘With the money, perhaps I can get something I want at Maria’s.” he thought while his lips curved into a happy smile.

Later on, he went out of his little hovel and stood in his courtyard again. He mouthed some words to get his vehicle ready,

“My dear Sound Sword, take me to travel as fast as sound.”

In a minute, his Sound Sword appeared on the ground of his courtyard. After jumping on it, Tolly steered it in the direction of his school.

After the storm, he found the sky was clear. By taking a deep breath, Tolly felt the air was fresh and humid. Traveling on his Sound Sword in the
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