Chapter 79 Nice Talk

“Ha-ha, Sally. You’ve got a good sense of humor now.” Tolly chuckled, “I like it.”

“Thank you, Tolly. What exactly would you like to tell me? Don’t keep it in suspense, all right? I can’t wait to know it,” said Sally, her eyes glinting with great curiosity.

“I’ve got a hunch something bad might happen during our cultivation test.”

Tolly’s smiling face suddenly morphed into a solemn look.

“What do you mean by something bad?” asked Sally, knitting her brows, “you mean you’ll fail the test?”

“No, don’t worry about my cultivation test, Sally. I mean we’ll be attacked during our cultivation test.”

“Really? But who’s going to attack us? We’re just ordinary students in the Wesilver school. Who’ll bother to fight against us?” said Sally, gaping at Tolly in disbelief.

“They’re not coming for us, but for the supervisor of our cultivation test,” explained Tolly.

“Do you mean Fanta Lord?” Sally replied when staring at Tolly with her widened, beautiful eyes.

“Yeah, I suppose you know he’s been att
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