Lesson 82 Talent Level Unknown
“Expel himself out of the school now!” the stocky boy yelled, “See, there’s no light coming from the crystal ball. He’s a useless piece of junk!”

“Do as you’ve promised, Fanta Lord,” the boy with two small eyes said in a loud voice.

Fanta Lord didn’t reply quickly as he was in a dilemma, having no idea what to do next.

“Come on! glow with some light, dear crystal ball!” Sally whispered, worried and knitting her brows.

“It’s impossible. Tolly has already upgraded to be an ordinary alchemist of level five or six. There must be something wrong with the crystal ball. Show your light, nice crystal ball. Don’t play a joke on Tolly at the time, please!” said Luna in a low voice, her fingers crossed before her chest.

After his initial hesitation, Fanta Lord thought he had to say something. It seemed that he had to give him up. However, before he opened his mouth, all of a sudden, there was dazzling light coming from the crystal ball.

Not just one beam of the dazzling light, but a few.

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