Chapter 90 Giant Swords Attack
Those green slashes quickly disappeared when they hit on the Leopard Hide.

“What the hell is that?” exclaimed Kevin in shock.

Rather dazed, the gigantic Kevin sent more green slashes toward Tolly once again. However, upon touching the hide wrapped on Tolly’s body, they simply melted away.

“If I’m not wrong, you’re an ordinary alchemist of water or ice element,” Tolly sneered at him, “I’m not afraid of your slashes at all because my Heavenly Fire Leopard hide is going to melt away all your attacks.”

“The Heavenly Fire Leopard hide?” Kevin asked in shock, “where do you get it?”

“It’s none of your business,” said Tolly rudely, “you know, I’ve told you if there’s one thing I am known for, it must be my ability to get good luck.”

Exasperated, Tolly wanted to throw more green slashes toward Tolly, but the effects of his Expansion Pills were dwindling. He shrank to a smaller size. And in a minute, before he could launch another round of attack, he returned back to his normal size.

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