Chapter 91 Scarlet Saircrafts
With another gentle flick, another bolt of lightning hit on the Ice Ball wrapping around Kevin, who was immediately struck by the electricity.

Kevin quickly lost control of his body and started shaking violently. And what’s worse, the clothes on him were all burned to ashes except for his dark underpants wrapped around his hips.

He subconsciously put his hands on his nether regions, his face flushing red to his ears.

“You’re not going to throw in your towel, are you?” said Tolly, laughing behind his hand.

“Yes,” Kevin said firmly though he looked embarrassed.

Tolly started to flick his solid, black wand once again. In a few seconds, a bolt of lightning came hitting on Kevin’s Rainbow Ice Ball once more.

As expected, Kevin could do nothing about it but shake himself like mad. This time, he was totally naked because the lightning mercilessly stripped him of his dark underpants around his hips.

Now he awkwardly put his hands on the nether parts between his two legs. Even if he was
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