Chapter 92 Warriors of Colors
“Really? It seems I’m famous,” said River, “But if you want to fight, please think about a way to destroy my runic formation first.”

“It’s as easy as ABCs. You’ll see how I destroy your runic formation soon,” sneered Ghost, the strong man beside Cindy.

“Scarlet Warriors, listen to me,” Ghost shouted to the men behind him, “Now all of you work together to destroy their iridescent runic formation. Without its protection, we will be able to catch Fanta Lord alive.”

The Scarlet Warriors were standing on the Saircrafts, all dressed in Scarlet long-sleeved clothes with long swords on their backs.

They quickly got the long swords in their hands. After that, they drove their vital energy to the hands holding the long swords.

In a minute, their long swords glowed with scarlet lights, which soon gathered together and formed a huge scarlet ring right before them.

The ring started to spin fast. The powers of all the Scarlet Warriors added together were amazing. Soon, numerous scarlet sword f
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