Chapter 94 Soil Warriors
“They have mastered the power of soil. I guess they can smash them to death,” said Cindy.

Then she looked at the Brown Warriors standing at the rears of the Saircraft, giving them a command,

“Listen, all the Brown Warriors, destroy the Five Agents Ball with your soil power.”

With that, all the Brown Warriors started to march toward the front of the Saircrafts. The warriors of other colors quickly gave way to them.

All dressed in brown, all the Brown warriors looked like alluring cylinder-like chocolate bars.

“Oh, I see so many chocolate bars,” said Tolly jokingly, “That’s interesting.”

“Chocolate bars?” asked Luna, gaping at Tolly in surprise.

“I mean they are like a kind of food back on Earth,” explained Tolly, “I’m going to eat them all.”

“You start talking nonsense again!” said Luna, ‘Have you heard the veiled woman’s words? They are all warriors that can employ the soil power.”

“Yes, let’s wait and see what they will do to us,” said Tolly while scratching his head.

The Br
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