Chapter 115 Out of the Reflection Dungeon

“Tolly!” shouted Luna, terrified while seeing him being attacked by the fireball.

“Ha-ha,” laughed Ugy, “he’s going to be burned into ashes.”

Nevertheless, when the fireball landed on him, Tolly quickly started to absorb the power in the fireball. Instantly, he transformed the attacking power of the fireball into his own.

In a few minutes, the fire distinguished itself since all its power was absorbed by Tolly. it did not hurt Tolly at all.

“Impossible!” said Ugy, his laughing face quickly morphing into a rictus of astonishment, “How have you managed to make it that way? I’ve never thought you have already been able to absorb the power of your rivals. You’re not an ordinary person.”

Suddenly, it was hard to tell which party would win in the end.

“Well, I know you’re powerful, it’s impossible for us to defeat you,” said Tolly, “but it’s also hard to defeat us, Ugy.”

“It’s a fight about tenacity then. He who can hang in there until the last moment will win in the end. Apparently, I will
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