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Leon sat up straighter, his mind racing with confusion and curiosity. How could it be impossible for him to have cancer? It wasn't anything less than a miracle to go from having advanced stage terminal cancer to being completely cancer free and in perfect health within less than twenty four hours! Unless… could it be a mistake? There was only one way to confirm it; if he managed to get his examination results from the other hospital, to prove to the woman that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer. 

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Leon sat at his desk, eyes glued to the computer screen as he typed furiously, racing against the clock to finish the report before lunch break. But all of a sudden, his hands flew to his chest due to a sharp, stabbing pain. He clutched at his chest as his body was shaking due to a fit of violent coughing. He grabbed his handkerchief, bringing it to his mouth to stifle the noise, not wanting to disturb the others. When he pulled it away, Leon spotted stains of blood on the handkerchief. "Shit!" He muttered under his breath, feeling a wave of dizziness.The next moment, he stumbled out of his cubicle, making a beeline for the washroom. Once inside, he splashed cold water on his face, trying to steady his shaking hands. Leon lifted his head and found a pale face staring back at him, eyes sunken with fatigue."I just have to get through the day…" He whispered to the reflection, giving himself some sort of motivation.Leon cleaned himself up as best he could and made his way back to
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Chapter 2
Leon knew that saying anything further would be totally futile, and if he dared to argue, it would only escalate the matter further.Because the fact of the matter was that Mr. Cooper, his manager, was a tyrant and a bully. So, any plea that Leon made was only going to fall on deaf ears. However, he could not force himself to walk towards his desk, his legs refused to cooperate with him. This is when the doctor’s words echoed in his mind, urging him to get to the clinic as soon as possible… "The results indicate that you have lung cancer… in the advanced stages… you may not have much time left… at most, three months…"He couldn't accept this, and so, gathering every ounce of courage left in his body, Leon stepped forward just as Mr. Cooper was about to enter his office."Mr. Cooper! Please don't take this the wrong way, but I really need to be somewhere urgently." Leon began to speak, and despite the fear in his heart, he didn't stop until he had completed what he wanted to say. "
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On seeing her husband standing at the door, Addie's expression shifted slightly, and a hint of guilt, or perhaps realization flickering in her eyes, but it was quickly replaced by intense irritation. She didn't get up from her place or make any move to explain herself, but she simply glanced at him with a mixture of impatience and exasperation, as if his presence was the real problem. But Addie was not the one to break the silence in the room."You freeloading jerk!" The man who had come out of the bathroom, wearing only a bath towel, was none other than Leon’s boss, Mr. Cooper. For a second, Cooper seemed shocked to see Leon standing in the doorway. But then his expression quickly transformed into one of anger and arrogance, as he shouted;"You just can't stop slacking, can you, Jenkins? What the hell are you doing here in the middle of the day?" Mr. Cooper barked, without even an ounce of self awareness. "You’re supposed to be at work, completing your reports and not sneaking
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Leon stumbled out of the house without even registering his surroundings properly. He didn't want to think about anything right now, because if he started to think about how shitty this day was, he might never stop spiraling.He flagged down a taxi and gave the driver the address of the hospital. By now, the bleeding from his wound had stopped, but there was definitely a dull ache at the back of his head. He rushed inside the hospital, greeted by the sterile smell of disinfectant as rushed towards the doctor’s office. Dr. Walter greeted him with a concerned look as Leon walked in.“Oh, Mr. Jenkins, please have a seat. It’s good that you were able to come today.” Dr. Walter began to speak again as Leon sat down on the chair, his voice steady but serious. “Here are your test reports.” He handed Leon a thick envelope and continued, “Look, Mr. Jenkins, I'll be completely honest with you. If you can afford it, I would highly recommend that you get the surgery. Otherwise, you might no
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Leon was wandering the streets like a zombie, barely dodging the incoming traffic and catching himself from stumbling over at the last moment. The betrayal, shock and disappointment from the day’s events was driving him to the edge of a nervous breakdown. He didn't know where he was, or where his other belongings were… his phone, his bank card, the reports– he wasn't aware of anything at this point.All he knew was that some time during the phone call with Addie, he had walked out of the hospital without saying a word to anyone. What was the point of staying anyway? It's not like anyone could help him get back control of his life, or his savings; nobody could offer him anything other than pity. He didn't want to talk to anyone, nor did he want to sit and wallow in self- pity; and so, he was out on the streets, while memories flashed before his eyes. And in hindsight, his whole life starting from childhood to adulthood, just seemed like a collection of missed opportunities and shatt
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The leader's face was twisted in horror as the reality of the situation sank in… he was in deep trouble, more than he had ever bargained for. "Oh shit… shit, shit shit…" he muttered to himself, his voice barely audible over his pounding heart. "He… he is– we killed him. No, one of you bloody bastards killed him! And now the cops… the cops could be here any moment!"The other gangsters looked around frantically, their own fear reflecting in their wide eyes. There was an outbreak of panic in the group, and without waiting for orders, a few of them turned around and bolted, running away as fast as they could."What are you looking at, you fools? Help me up!" The leader shouted, his voice cracking with desperation. He struggled to his feet, his legs shaking under his weight. Some of his most loyal followers rushed forward, supporting him by the arms. The remaining men were stunned, glancing nervously around for the one who had struck Leon. But of course, he wasn't waiting around to be
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Leon could hear a beeping sound near his head, and the faint sound of medical equipment was only becoming louder and more persistent in his ears. He tried to move, but he felt some heaviness in his limbs. It was a struggle to open his eyes, and when he finally managed to, his vision was blurry and unfocused. Suddenly, a cheerful voice pierced through the fog. "He woke up! Mom, he's up! His eyes are open!"Leon’s eyes shifted towards the sound. A little girl stood at the foot of his bed, her face lit up with genuine amazement and happiness. As his vision cleared, he saw a beautiful woman walking towards him.Their gaze met, and the woman's eyes widened with surprise before she said,“You're right, sweetie! Let me inform them." "Doctor, nurse! The patient is awake!" She called out, her voice carrying a sense of urgency. She was dressed in a set of crisp formal clothes, and Leon couldn't place her at all. Who was she, and had they met before?Leon’s mind was still in a fog of confusi
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Leon sat up straighter, his mind racing with confusion and curiosity. How could it be impossible for him to have cancer? It wasn't anything less than a miracle to go from having advanced stage terminal cancer to being completely cancer free and in perfect health within less than twenty four hours!Unless… could it be a mistake? There was only one way to confirm it; if he managed to get his examination results from the other hospital, to prove to the woman that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Maybe there was some kind of misunderstanding, and he was getting too hopeful on the basis of just one comment. Leon was thinking about how he might be able to retrieve the documents he had left behind at the other hospital, but before he could discuss anything with the woman, a sudden chaos erupted outside the room. The woman's face turned serious as she heard the commotion in the hallway. "Just stay put for a few minutes, I need to see what is happening outside. I own this hospital, a
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CHAPTER 9:Merely a bastard.
Emily was in despair knowing that the hound could brutally attack her innocent little daughter. Sarah’s eyes remained closed as her hands and knees trembled out of this terrifying moment.Meanwhile, Watt's outburst of laughter does not show any pity for the poor little girl. “Don’t feel sorry for this pathetic little girl. She was just an adopted daughter anyway—merely a bastard. After we get married, she will be kicked out of our lives,” he declared arrogantly.However, when the hound was a few inches away from Sarah, its fangs were ready to bite the poor kid, Leon got through its way rapidly, punched the hound heavily, and flew 3 meters away. The hound was chased away and burst out a horrible shriek.“Get off her!” Leon yelled furiously. He suddenly became a completely different person, not showing any weakness as a patient even though he was admitted to the hospital.Watt’s jaw dropped. He didn’t expect Leon to knock down his precious hound in a single attack. He was so confused ab
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Leon was shocked but apparently, this old man and his men saved his life. If it weren’t for them, he might be tortured by Watt’s guardians already. With a confused face, he asked, “Who are you?” He was so clueless about what this old man was talking about. He suddenly appeared out of nowhere, talking words Leon failed to understand.The old man bowed to Leon. “Finally, I found you, young master,” he said respectfully.It made Leon more confused. Why did he call him young master and why is he looking for him? “Can you tell me what is happening here?” he asked desperately. He thinks that maybe this old man just mistook him with someone else. There is no way he can be a young master in an instant.The old man smiled genuinely. “You are my young master. By the way, who are those guards and where did they get the guts to offend my young master?” he asked with a gritted tooth. The smile on his face suddenly faded and turned darker knowing that people tried to hurt his young master.Howe
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