Chapter 130 Inside the Mausoleum

[There is a switch in one of the sculptures that can open the gate for you, my dear Tolly.]

That was the message that he only got on the screen.

“Come on, let’s check the sculptures. I’m sure there will be a switch there that can help us to get into the mausoleum,” said Tolly quickly.

“I hope you’re not talking nonsense,” said Peggy.

“You won’t be disappointed,” Tolly shot back, “You know, I’ll tell you more about this mausoleum later, I promise.”

“Yeah, I believe you. I’m sure you can do it when your soul and your body are in great harmony,” said Peggy ironically again.

“You two are quite funny,” said Luna, “believe it or not, I think I will be the first one to find that switch if you keep arguing like this.”

With that, Luna came to have a close look at one of the Sphinx-like sculptures on the left. It was about three feet tall and one feed wide. Staring at the human face of the Sphinx, Luna did not find any switch on it.

After that, she started to check its body. However, its body w
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