Chapter 138 A Girl Called Mary

With that, Luna drove some of her vital energy to her multicolored ball and in a minute, the ball was glowing with more dazzling multicolored light. It was so beautiful that all the Shrimp Archers were gazing at it as if they were enjoying a nice view.

Yet, they did not realize its attacking power was big enough to kill their leader in a few seconds.

“Come on, my multicolored ball, go to attack the giant General Shrimp Archer since you’ve already been quite familiar with his attacks, as well as the smell he left on you,” said Luna.

Sure enough, her multicolored ball immediately detected who General Shrimp Archer was. It quickly launched its first round of attacks by sending out a lot of sticky mud toward General Shrimp Archer.

“What are those?” asked General Shrimp Archer, “It looks like they were nothing but shit. I don’t like them though they posed no threat to me seemingly.”

“Yeah, I don’t think it’s going to be deadly,” said one of the ordinary Shrimp Archers.

“I don’t care all th
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