He was excited as he thought of every possible things the system would give him but he realised it was only an instant level up that the system promised. He was a little bit disheartened because that was the only reward.

He received a notification from the system and he immediately wanted to see what it was.


*REWARDS: Instant Level Up*

All of sudden, Roshan felt this new surge of energy coming from deep within and he was renewed

*HOST LEVEL: Level 2




*SPEED: 10


‹Mage Status›

*Mage Level: 0

*Magic Ability: None

*Mana Control: 0

HP: [15/15]

EXP: [0/15]

*One free stat has been obtained*

Looking through his status, Roshan could only marvel, he had never expected this kind of reward. He went through all his attributes and saw that they all gained a point increase from him completing the quest.

He noticed he had what the system called a free stat. ‘What the hell was that’s he wondered. It was as if the system heard his thought directly because right after that thought he saw a message.

*A free stat is obtained when one earned it. The host would earn it after a wise decision, a successful planned victory. There were other ways to earn it but due to host Level. Information is currently locked*

*A free stat can be added to current attributes’ stat in order to improve the attributes*

After the brief explanation, Roshan wondered what the system meant by ‘Information Locked’ but he quickly drooled at the fact he could increase one of his attributes.

Immediately he thought of the lowest one ‘Stamina’. It was true that he always got tired easily and he need to get rid of that weakness.

He added the stat immediately to his Stamina

*Stat added to Stamina*

*Current Stamina: 9*

It was still a little but at least he improved. He smiled as he dragged the dead beast all the way home.


He dragged the dead beast as he went, though he was a bit far from home as he had travelled far to search for the beast, his parents will be very angry but after seeing the food they would have, they would be pleased. The simple thought made him grin.

As a good tracker, it was faster for him to get through the forest with his nose, he followed the familiar scent of his home and avoided every possible trouble.

A faint smile could be perceived as he got closer.


“Darling, we are under attack” Gray called out to his wife and a few seconds later, the front door of their house came down.

A group of five men all dressed in black with their face fully covered except for their eyes stepped in

‘The Night Wings’. Gray immediately knew what they were. Assassins.

He gripped his sword harder and took a fighting stance. He knew this wasn’t going to be a easy fight.

The man in front stepped forward and from the menacing eyes, he was the leader.

He moved as fast as possible and swung his sword, a loud clang was heard as Gray’s sword was held up high

“Long time, no see. Teacher” The man said as he moved his sword again aiming at the side of the old man.

The old man blocked it again “Looks like you still have the same sloppy moves” Gray said but he spoke too soon as he moved his hand at the right moment to stop a kick coming to his head but he was pushed back .

“Surprised” The young man said as he moved in quicker than before moving in the same sequence ‘Strike..kick, Strike…punch’. He kept pushing Gray back into the house.

Gray knew he had to turn the tides. He gripped his sword tighter and flames could be seen forming from the edges of the sword and he slashed. The air around him was distorted because of that single slash.

The Assassin knew he wouldn’t escape this so he moved out of the way but it was a little too late as part of the flames had touched him. His armour was burnt black and half of the room was covered in flames.

Seeing this, Gray immediately turned to see how his wife was faring

“Ria, are you alright” He called out to her.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me” A soft, silky voice echoed through the room.

Ria was a powerful warlock, of course she would be fine.

She had currently taken down two of the weaker assassins on her own.

Now she was cornered by the other two. The first moved forward displaying swift movements and slashed at her neck region, the other came and swung at her side.

She knew this needed to be carefully planned if not she would be hurt. She grabbed a dagger from under her coat and block the one aiming for her side. Twisting her body awkwardly. She managed to escape the neck slash with only a slight scratch on her cheek from which blood flowed.

“How dare you draw my blood” She boomed in anger and her eyes turned white, fully white.

She lifted herself in the air, her hair and dress moving wildly as she raised her hands causing the floor around her to be raised. She closed her fist and a loud bang was heard.

The second assassin turned to see his partner explode with blood splashing across the room

‘So this is the power of a warlock' He thought as he gaped at her

He moved swiftly attempting to flee away as the large rocks flew towards him. He came close to the door, ready to jump out any second when a loud slash was heard and the assassin’s head rolled to the floor.

At that moment, everything became peaceful. All the assassins were dead at the moment. Ria heaved out a breath and fell down on her knees.

She knew using her power would take a toll on her. Gray came by her side “You did well, love. You took out more than me” He said as he smiled at her.


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