Fame Building System

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Fame Building System

By: Honey Drop CompletedSystem

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Being the school's dumb yard and a crazy psycho, the only thing that Christopher wanted was a degree in business and a lovely life after college with the person that mattered most to him, Silver. But one Valentine's night, while he sought to get her a lovely present from his heart, she was preparing her own present. And heartfelt betrayal and sex with the school billionaire prince that gets everything that he wants, Kelly. Torn into shreds, Kelly beats him with the intention of ending his life, but instead of putting an end to him, he is revived by the Fame building, and now that he is back, he is ready to not only take over his school but also the world.

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  • Tabitha


    Nice read. I recommend

    2024-03-25 13:18:42
  • tiana


    very interesting book...

    2024-01-08 20:17:59


    Interesting book

    2023-12-09 06:20:21
  • Micheaux Sanders


    Work on grammar, keeping gender attached to the right person and this story will flow better

    2024-01-14 07:12:29
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161 chapters
Chapter 1
Like an outcast, Christopher's bed lay at the far end of the room, far away from the others, as chatter about their Valentine's gift flooded his ears while he lay still.""Guess how much I got this ring," Gerald said with a smile on his face."It was worth over ten thousand dollars.""You just spat out the price, so what are we guessing, if I may ask?" Victor added as they all burst out into laughter.Their words got Christopher even more anxious than he was already, as the delivery guy that was supposed to deliver his gift was nowhere to be found, and he had been planning that for quite a while now."Where the heck could he be?" He said it under his breath."I wonder why you are so worried when we all know that you aren't getting that girlfriend off yours anything more expensive than cookies." Gerald chuckled."Sorry, you forgot to add a delusional girlfriend," Victor added, trying as hard as he could to control his laughter, but they still found their way through."I wonder how long
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Chapter 2
At first sight, she was startled to her bones, as she never expected him there at that time and never realized that Kelly had picked up the phone."So it's true. You have been cheating on me all this while." His cold words were an extension of the inner pains that flowed through his vines."And so what if I have been cheating on you? Or I cheated on you." She replied, trying not to look like a fool before him."Is that how you respond?" Christopher was finding it difficult to believe that it was the silver that he had known all his life."How long did you think that I was going to put up with your broke ass?You should be grateful that I stuck with this broke ass of yours all through the years." A long hiss escaped from her mouth."I have found a man in Kelly.""Kelly. This fool is known all over school. Are you going to allow him to deceive you so much?""Better to be with a deceiver with a secured future. Sometimes, I wonder how people like you still exist." Kelly spat on the floor,
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Chapter 3
The hands of Christopher were wrapped around his head, still trying to discover what was going on as his racing heart shot up even more. "What are you?" He finally inquired. Immediately he spat out the words from his mouth; he seemed to have opened a really strange portal before him. A system that only he could see appeared before him while he continued to stare at it, his face washed up with confusion. Words began to form on the system while his eyes were transfixed closely on it. [System adjustment to host] [Displaying the host's analysis] [Body Status: weak and malnourished] [Mind: Good] [Age: 24] [Will: Strong] [Intelligence: 5+] [Starting Balance: One million dollars but not activated yet] [Points: Zero] The words one million dollars that he just read on the system made his eyes shoot out of his eye socket with so much shock. "One million dollars?" He said it under his breath, still trying to figure things out. Having been poor, he has never thought about having su
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Chapter 4
Thoughts ran through his mind. He knew the possibilities that were going to befall him if he finally decided to perform the task.But the possibilities of not performing the task were totally out of his abilities."I think that I should do this." He said it under his breath with a frustrated sigh.[Ding: 55 minutes left for the task to be accomplished]"And I have to do it pretty fast." He reminded himself once again.With a dangerous dash, he walked away from the sidewalk towards the restaurant that was just overhead. one of the best that was available in the city.His eyes could already relate to the dignities that were floating all around in the place in their perfect clothes that glittered right in the sun, but he knew for sure that he wasn't there for them.He made his way to the reception, and when he finally got there, he noticed that he had spent thirty minutes of his total time already."I will have to get this over with as soon as possible." He whispered, already running out
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Chapter 5
Clara's feet crept away from the place with a dark smile hanging on her face as she went back to get the card terminal.Everyone caught their cells from their pockets to get a glimpse of the beautiful moments, which were going to be terrible for some people."Now that the card terminal is here, Which are you going to be paying with: cash, transfer, card, or QR code?"She snapped with so much impatience in her voice.[Ding..] The system rang in his head once again, making the pace of his racing heart go even faster than it was already.[The host has 60 seconds more to accomplish the task, or punishment will be rolled out accordingly.] It ended.Without a second thought, he reached out to his card, which had always been lying in his pockets all those years, and shoved it over to the receptionist."I just hope that you have gotten some money from this poor asshole." She said it under her breath, loud enough for him to hear what she just said.Clara took the card away from him, walking gr
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Chapter 6
Her eyes scanned through everyone in the hall who was ready to tear her apart, limb by limb, if she didn't do what they wanted her to.And with tears in her eyes, she walked up towards him, still staring at the vast crowd with shame.She went down on her knees, licking off the dirty particles from his shoes.Everyone chuckled while taking full records of the moments.Afterward, Christopher was transferred to the main dining section, after which he got out of his restaurant.After he was done with his meal, he was given a whip. His hands were still clutched to the phone that he had in his hands."I guess I will have to go to the bank." He said swiftly to himself.With every step that he took, he could feel his heart beating hard against his chest.Now, without his practical money and nothing to survive in school, he could only hope that all of that was true, or he would become one of those school dropouts."No, I can't allow that to happen." Christopher shook the thoughts away from his
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Chapter 7
He came down from the car with an air of grace, after which he went to a five-star hotel in the city to get a good night's rest.He could feel a completely different feeling rushing through his bloodstream.For the first time in his life, he had a steam bath, stayed for long in the shower, and slept on water foam.It was the best night's rest that he had ever gotten in his life, and the next morning, he woke up feeling energized.But he knew that he could not linger way too long on the bed. He stepped down swiftly, took his bath, and got back into his clothing.The practical project that he had always prepared for all his life was just today, and he could not afford to be late for it.He took an Uber for the first time in a long time, with his lab coat stalk in his right hand.When he got to the vast room, there were already a couple of students there, purchasing their practical plans.They were called plans, but there was mainly a distinction between the rich and the poor, as poorer
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Chapter 8
His steps were solid as he walked gradually towards the school board, and he could already feel his heart beating hard against his chest as though it was going to burst through. Soon, he got to the administrative building of the school, which was littered with a lot of cars. Sweat was already dripping down from the corner of his face. But there was one thing that he could not place his head around, and that was how he was going to get to the principal since that was his very first time coming to the administrative block. "I think that I should ask around." He spoke slowly to himself. His eyes spammed through the building, and he caught up with a security officer at the far end of the line. Walking slowly towards him, he stared at him. "And how may I help you?" His face twisted into a frown immediately after they landed on him, but he was not shaken even for a single moment. "I need to see the owner of the school. I know they are having a meeting now, and it's with respect to that
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Chapter 9
The eyes of everyone in the room twisted with scorn as he said the words.There were whispers in the hall, but even with their hateful glares, he wasn't moved.Meanwhile, the man who wanted to go by the school could not help but laugh out loud at what he just heard."You what paid off?" He laughed."What do you think all of us are here for? Some child's place?" He thundered with mockery while everyone burst out into laughter.But there was someone who was not laughing even a bit. Mr. Maxwell.If there was anything that he didn't want to do, it was to sell the company over."Can I trust him?" The mechanism of his mind waged war in his head, and he could rarely speak.His decision was what Christopher waited for as sweat dropped from his face, dripping down to the floor.With a sudden flash, he waved his hands, and all the chatter died down.He stood up from his seat and walked toward Christopher, staring him right in the eyes, and finally, he spoke."And who are you?" He inquired."I'm
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Chapter 10
The hall was as silent as a graveyard as everyone waited for him to spit out the words from his mouth. "I'm sure he is going to ask for something really valuable." A man in the hall found his way to say. Immediately after he said those words, they all shot cold stares in his direction, making him freeze. "So tell me, Christopher. What is it that you want? We are all waiting." Mr. Maxwell said it with a smile on his face. He could already feel his heart beating hard against his chest as he opened his mouth to speak. "Lately, there have been cases about a particular employee of the school taking pride in treating rich students well while the other students are treated with so much scorn." He replied. Mr. Maxwell's face blew hot red with so much fury as he sprang up from his seat, hitting his hands hard on the table. "Who is this person?" He inquired, his teeth grating with anger. If there was anything that he hated so much, it was the act of bullying coupled with the act of brib
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