It wasn’t the time for celebration as loud footsteps were heard, coming closer to them. As it got nearer, a menacing pressure was felt. One that sent shivers down their spine.

They knew it was not over but what could they do now. Their strength was dissipating.

The footsteps came closer and they could finally see it.

‘No..he did it, the bastard actually went and did it’ Gray’s mind screamed in anger and sadness. His fist was clenched

What they were looking at right now was a creature born from a Deagi, human and beast. It was hideous but the pressure felt by it’s mere presence made their back wet with fear.

They knew they had to take it down somehow.

“Let’s do this, just as old times” Gray smiled bitterly as he held the hand of his wife and pulled her up. She smiled back and her eyes turned white.

Veins reaching out to her eyes and bulging out from her face. She looked at the monster with deep hatred.

Gray dropped his sword and coated his hand with a red and white flame. He had to go all out if they wanted to defeat this thing.

He flew at an inhumane speed and the fire around his hand transformed into a long sword. He made a slash, one empowered with speed and strength. The air boomed around him and a small rift could be seen opening.

The Void slash landed on the monster and dissipated into thin air, the only thing that could be seen on the monster’s body was a white scratch and that would be if someone would look closely.

Seeing this, Gray was left in shock.

The monster not bothered about the attack made a simple wave of hand that hit Gray into the air.

That simple wave made him fly outside at a frightening speed and he crashed into the ground without stopping creating a large crater.

Half of his robe was burnt, he tried to stand up but fell down immediately, coughing out a large amount of blood. That strike affected his inner organs.

Ria appeared immediately to his side and laid her hands on him channelling more of her power into him as she tried to heal him as quickly as possible. The veins on her head grew larger as she knew she was giving him part of her life source

Gray started feeling a bit better but when he realised what Ria was doing, he held her hands telling her to stop and save her strength for the fight.

The monster looked at them from the house and moved a foot forward at that instant it was in front of them.

It drew it’s hand back and that hand morphed into a long blade swiping the blade, it made a simple slash.

That simple slash was too fast for them to react, seeing this Ria stood in front of her husband and it went through her. She smiled painfully as her legs gave way, collapsing into Gray’s hand.

Gray knelt there and looked at her, nothing was coming out of his mouth. Then he looked to the sky and screamed loudly in pain. The earth cracked beneath where he was standing and lava could be seen coming from underneath

He felt a new energy flowing into his body and he looked at Ria’s body slowing crumbling to dust. She was giving him her last.

The fire around his hand roamed about wildly turning black and he looked at his front with anger as his eyes turned black.

He would kill this thing if it was the last thing he did. He sped forward as fast as the speed of light hitting the monster at different angles with his phantom strike, it was stronger and faster. He kept on hitting it. The lava around him could be seen climbing his body into his hands.

He transformed his hand into a giant hand made of lava and slammed the creature to the ground.

The creature held it’s hands up attempting to overpower the strike but it’s legs pushed further into the ground. Black blood could be seen forming a pool around it, it had been confused because it’s wounds were taking a longer time to heal

The black pool of blood started to flow towards Gray and merged with the lava hand and his face scrunched in pain. This amount of energy was too much even for him. Blood started dripping from his eyes, nose and mouth. His own blood merged with the already black lava hand.

‘If this is how I will die, so be it. As long as I take you to hell with me’ Gray thought as he clenched his teeth in pain.

The creature howled as it didn’t know why it was suddenly growing weaker. The Giant hand pushed further.

Gray raised the hand and slammed harder and faster. The creature was getting pressed to the ground.

He slammed the hand again, again, again, again and again.

He kept on slamming it till nothing was felt from the other side but he still kept on slamming it.

The Hand evaporated and Gray fell to the ground, his spirit and mind had been used up. He smiled knowing that he had gotten revenge for his wife.

‘If only I could see Roshan now’ He thought.

Roshan came running to his father immediately as he held his hands, tears coming out of his eyes uncontrollably.

“Father, Father, please don’t leave me here alone. I don’t want to be on my own. Please Father” Roshan cried as he hugged his father

Gray thought he was already dead as he heard his son’s voice. He opened his eyes to see someone holding him tightly.

“Roshan…”he whispered

“Roshan…don’t hold me like that, do you want me to die faster”, He said as he tried lifting his hand to ruffle his hair like he always did but he couldn’t even move.

“Fa..father, am sorry. I should have come earlier” Roshan stammered as he tried cleaning the tears but they still rushed out.

“You should have come and do what? Get yourself killed” Gray looked at him gently as he greatly admired the boy’s courage.

“Even I couldn’t kill it faster. If not, your mother would still be alive” He coughed out blood and smiled painfully

Roshan could only listen in pain. He didn’t want to stress his father again

“Get strong, Roshan. Stronger than your brother, your mother, stronger than me. Even stronger than the World leaders. You need to get strong if you want to live and if you don’t get strong and you die miserably..*coughs* I..I will be waiting for you to give you a long beating” His Father said and smiled at him painfully, wanting to ruffle his hair again

Roshan knew what his father was thinking when he saw his hand twitch. He carried his father’s hand and placed it on his hair and ruffled his hair with it. Seeing this, He Father grinned with blood flowing than his mouth

“I love you son, Get stronger”

Roshan waited for his father to say something else but looking at his lifeless eyes, he knew he was gone.

The body turned to dust in his hands.


He was alone for the first time in his life.


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