“Bastard‼ you tried to kill me‼” Bahr yelled as he ran forward.

“Hey, you tried to kill me first..I only returned the favour‼” Roshan said as he also ran forward

“I will put you in your place you measly rat” A punch was aimed directly for Roshan’s head. This time the grey colour on it brightened more which meant he had focused his abilities there leaving his other sides vulnerable but he didn’t care. He would teach this rat a lesson.

“You can try” Roshan smiled as he dodged the punch, the aura coming from that fist alone was deadly.

Having dodge the punch, he immediately grabbed Bahr’s head and brought it on his knee hard.

Bahr’s head flew backward and blood rushed from his nose.

“I’ll kill you, RAT‼!” Bahr rushed in with punches.

Move left, dodge right, under.. Roshan easily invaded this punches until he made a fatal mistake and a punch met him head on.

He was thrown across the field like a rag doll.

“Damn” he said as he stood up, his whole face was a mess and his nose was slightly crooked.

“Crystal Iris activate” he muttered and looked at where Bahr was standing.

The punches he had delivered had taken a toll on him so he needed to calm down after all his stamina was pretty low.


*LEVEL: 15

*ABILITY: Body enhancement

*HP: [250/400]

He was close to beating him but the one thing that worried him was

*Warning: HP has drastically reduced

*HP: [50/300]

Just that one punch reduced his HP by an hundred and fifty

Now all he needed to do was to avoid those devastating punches.

He can do this, his stats were much higher than a normal level 13 human.

He stood straight and readied his fist.

His breathing became calmer and he looked straight at his opponent and a corner of his lip was slightly lifted up

“Come and get me, you weakling”

Steam flew from Bahr’s ears and nose

Me …a weakling?

He laughed

“Die‼” He pointed at Roshan and ran forward

A short man could be seen quietly watching this scene with his popcorn spilt on the ground.

Bahr ran and leapt into the sky, with his fist brought together, he enhanced the muscles and bones present there and it glowed bright grey as a thick aura could be seen around it.

Roshan watched the move heading for him.

“Does he really wants to kill. If that thing hits me, I’m sure there would be nothing left of me” But he still stood his ground.


10 metres….

5 metres

4 metres

But Roshan still stood

A little more

One wrong move will end me

He thought

Why isn’t he moving, anyway if he wants to die, he should be my guest.

2 metres

1 metres


Roshan focused his speed and agility on his legs and moved forward


A huge smoke flew to the sky. A huge crater was formed and in middle of that crater was Bahr.

“hahahahhaa…..I crushed the rat”

He laughed

Till his laughter slowly died down and he came to a realisation.

“Wait…I ki…..ki….killed him” He said as he looked around in the smoke.

“No…I didn’t want to kill anybody” His hands shook until suddenly.

Roshan appeared in his front again and using all his refilled stats he threw a punch.

The force was too much for Bahr as he hadn’t been using his ability and he flew up.

Without waiting for him to come down. Roshan jumped up and slammed his leg on his body and


A larger crater was formed. Bahr was seen in the middle but this time, he wasn’t standing.

“I hope I didn’t kill him though” Roshan thought as he looked at the unmoving body.

He had avoided Bahr’s attack by focusing his speed on his legs and after that he heard a notification sound but now wasn’t the time for such.

He had used refill to get his lost strength and had attacked Bahr with it but he made sure to hold back so as not to kill the boy.

Even if the boy wanted to kill him, he had regretted it.

“Bahr….my son, wake up” a man mercilessly shook the boy awake.

“W..what happened” Bahr sat up as he opened his eyes.

The last thing he remembered was seeing Roshan in his front but now he was on the floor

“Son…you lost but you did your best. How were we to know that kid was a monster” The short man said as he clenched his fist. His son was in pain because of him.

He looked at the person that caused the pain.

“Who are you” He said as he gritted his teeth.

“I am just a weak kid who wanted to buy a weapon” Roshan said and shrugged before helping Bahr to his feet

“It was a pleasure sparring with you. I really enjoyed it” Roshan smiled and brought his hand forward

This time, Bahr grabbed it and shook it.

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