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Allsium takes virtual reality to the ultimate level. It is not a social network, nor a massively multiplayer online video game, but an experience as real as life itself. In Allsium pain and pleasure feels as if it were real, so leaving the safety of virtual Earth is a price few are willing to pay. Those who do so will travel to the so-called illegal worlds, dangerous planets that pay homage to the golden age of video games and cinema, where they can obtain unimaginable powers: abilities that exceed human limits and magics that can be developed by choosing a path. However, the bravest adventurers must be very careful, as losing their lives in Allsium will make it impossible to access again, so they will no longer benefit from the system in a real world that is still recovering from the disasters of World War III. Gunner has formed a virtual group together with Greek, Dagon and Zen. After long and painstaking preparation, they decide to travel to the outlaw worlds of Allsium in search of the power offered by the trails. These can lead them to master incredible abilities and, incidentally, to take revenge on a society that has turned them into outcasts. But this will only be possible if they manage to take advantage of the Allsionist plan: the creation of a breach in the system that connects virtuality with reality. Evolution takes the final step. Welcome to Allsium.

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Chapter 1
Tutorial «Allsium is a massive virtual social network whose learning can be assimilated by our brain in reality. By being able to incorporate this knowledge into the real world, the human being will reach a new level of evolution. Patrick Cork, scientist who created Allsium in the year of its creation. “What a pain in the ass with Allsium! Allsium here, Allsium there..." said my mother, "If you stay connected to that nonsense for so long, you will forget how to live.I didn't even look at the holographic screen that announced the virtual reality system as the greatest technological and social revolution in history. My mother was a bit old”fashioned, one of those who still liked to go shopping for bread instead of using the virtual bakery. Allsium not only made it possible to live in an alternative world, but it was also capable of instantly materializing anything purchased on its system with a simple blink of an eye. Gone were the two”day delivery online stores or virtual reality v
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Chapter 2
Two seconds later I was in Allsium.“I'm back, guys," I said excitedly, as if it was the first time I had ever logged on. Did you miss me?“No way, Gunner”san. Has Mom changed your diapers yet?Zen was kind of obnoxious, but I had to put up with him. He was one of the people I shared life with on Allsium since I logged on two years ago. You couldn't access the Allsium worlds freely until you were sixteen, but you could go to school on virtual Earth, something I had never done because my mother was old”fashioned, but which millions of people took advantage of because it was free.Zen, like me, was one of the many geeks who spent almost twenty”four hours a day hooked on Allsium. He told me that the good stuff started from virtual coming of age and claimed that soon the real world would be invaded by Allsium. That was similar to what the Allsionists were saying, a new social and virtual movement that was gaining many followers in both worlds.For the Allsionists the real world was a mere
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Chapter 3
Initium"In Initium, the first lawless planet, we will learn to fend for ourselves. We will be able to go through the available Guild Source and begin to live the true experience that is Allsium. But beware, there are many dangers waiting out there....".Manual of the good player. Allsium Systems: Initium.“I'm very nervous," said Dagon, "It's the first time we've left virtual Earth.“What a bunch of shits you are, ragazzi. “Greek was much more determined than the rest and liked to play the role of leader. We've been working hard, but we've finally got everything ready. Initium, here we come!The four of us were in virtual London, at one of the many control panels from where worldwide flights could be purchased to any part of the virtual Earth and also to the systems of illegality.There, in Piccadilly Circus, our great adventure would begin.“Zen Oda, Dagon Basel, Gunner Kid and Greek Marion," Zen read aloud, "do you wish to travel to Initium and are you aware and knowledgeable that
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Chapter 4
From now on they would be forced to live forever in reality.I had never seen two people shot to death before and it was hard to react, even though they were virtual lives. So much for their adventure; there would be no more virtual shopping for them, nor many of the huge facilities that Allsium provided.By now they would have been in their respective homes cursing the wretched Italian who had stitched them up with bullets and returned them to their dark existence. Although that didn't save the fact that both Zen and I were very surprised to see that Greek had kept an ace up his sleeve in the form of a Beretta.“What are you fools standing there like passive stares? “said Greek as he approached the leader to strip him of all his belongings. Search the other one before they come back with more people. Come on, dammit! “He let out a big laugh. This idiot had a hotel room of his own on him. We've won the lottery, ragazzi!I didn't even know how to respond to that. It was great news, of
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Chapter 5
It was a planet devoid of color, except for our novice clothes, something that announced us as easy prey and that we had to solve sooner rather than later. There was no green, no red, much less blue, but there was grayish green, grayish red and grayish blue.It seemed like London on any given day.Initium was the world of the beginning, a planet where freedom and illegality went hand in hand to steal and kill without anyone lifting a finger to protect you. It was the law of the strongest, so when Greek pulled out the Beretta, I knew that without him we would not have lasted more than ten minutes of adventure.Although that didn't mean forgiveness, as we still had a group conversation pending for having withheld such important information from us.Initium was similar to Earth, although without seas and instead lakes of great capacity. The best place to take shelter at that time was in the outskirts of the capital, since rushing to get to the hotel room after killing the leader of that
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Chapter 6
“We should think about how to get to the city without putting ourselves in danger," said Zen. The Guild Fountain comes next. The first step is to get to our hotel room, so we can return to virtual Earth whenever we want, in case we need to buy something or disconnect from this gray world.“The samurai is right," Greek agreed. It is a priority to get to the hotel and get into our room. Then we'll have time to prepare for the initiation of the path. By the way, have you decided what to do?“There are many paths to choose from," I said. Too many to be clear. I think one of us would have to choose the Path of Frost, to give us protection.“And why not the Path of the Flame? “asked Greek.“You should know, my dear spaghetti," Zen nodded, "that the Path of Frost is as offensive as it is defensive. Something the Path of Flame can also do, but with less defensive power. You can raise a wall of fire, but no one will be able to cross a wall of ice.“Unless he has a lot of extra strength and kno
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Chapter 7
“It's for the best. Gunner and I make a good team, remember the simulations. As long as Dagon doesn't have a path, he'll have to stay out of the way. As for you," he referred to Zen, "you can start thinking about a good strategy, Capito?“Well, I've already thought of it.“Had you already thought of sending the two of us? “I asked somewhat annoyed.“Erm... yes. “He nodded sheepishly, "If Greek has come to that conclusion, and he's not the smart one in the group, it would make me look bad if I hadn't thought of it first, wouldn't it?“That's also true," Greek said.The truth is that there was no one who could understand them.“We're all ears," I said, raising an eyebrow.“Well, knowing that Greek has a decent gun and that you could go with a pitiful bow..." He cleared his throat. Anyway, you don't have much of a chance in direct combat, even against the six that got away. Besides, I'm sure there won't be only six.“So much for saying we should be stealthy, sushi face? “added Greek.“I
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Chapter 8
“You're not going to run away, are you? “Greek was one of those who always went forward, I guessed that's why he had the whole Italian mafia chasing him in real life.“We have come to Allsium to be brave and transfer our powers to real life when the time is right," he explained. Whatever happens, I will not run away, not without first accomplishing my goals, but I will not hold it against you if you go back to Zen and Dagon to save your own skin, Vinci.“I won't run away either. “I wasn't sure, but after what Greek had said at that moment, I felt that running away would be postponing the inevitable. They were going to pursue us to the end, and if they did, we would get Dagon and Zen in trouble as well. We had to put an end to this matter as soon as possible. I'll see you later, Greek. Be careful, okay?We took a deep breath and Greek separated, walking in the direction of the stalls. I was alone and I had the Beretta in my personal inventory, so I moved forward determined, with one ey
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Chapter 9
I was only five meters away from the henchman and I immediately noticed that he was bigger and stronger than the one I had knocked unconscious just a few minutes before. I thought it wasn't going to be easy, especially when my foot decided to trip over the step at the entrance of a block of apartments and, of course, echoed throughout the place.That broad”backed beast turned around.“Come on, let's go, we are close. “And he went back to walking as if nothing had happened.I was lucky he couldn't see my face, because I had gone white.I had no choice but to stand next to him, just a studied step behind, and accompany him for a while.“Attention, Gunner”san," said Zen in his ear. They're taking him to a cave near where you are. I don't know how many of them there are, but you have to get rid of them before they get there. You've already seen the closet you're carrying next to you, so don't be an idiot and load it as soon as possible.“Does Greek know what he's doing? “I asked between m
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Chapter 10
It was funny how quickly your eyes got used to the ash gray of Initium. Our gaze was now lost in the immensity of the colors of a room whose floor, pure white, blinded us from how shiny it was. The furniture was gilt and the crystal chandeliers that hung from the ceiling sparkled with splendor. It could be said that that room exuded good taste and had a certain baroque air, to the Palace of Versailles. A place that I was able to visit in the virtual Earth of Allsium thanks to the instantaneous and cheapness of the trip. In reality it would have been impossible to do so."Damn, what a hurt!" Greek yelled. It was the only thing I could understand of all that he was saying out loud in Italian.Zen was treating him with normal medicine. There was no way I was going to spend the four priests that the system had given us when we became illegal. A single one of them would have immediately healed Greek's wound, but he himself was not going to waste it. Let alone being in our hotel room, as in
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